Millennium Development Goals – Environment and Development

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Infograph “Environment and Development”

The Latvian Green Movement  is an NGO bringing together environmental activists, volunteers and experts who want to actively work to improve the quality of the environment and prevent environmental damages. Thematically the Latvian Green Movement’s activities fall also within the scope of development cooperation, control of international financial institutions and evaluation of their role in the context of national development, especially environmental sustainability. The Latvian Green Movement’s activities are aimed at public awareness raising bout the United Nations Development Goals, impact of development financial investments on the natural and social environment, as well as promoting of Latvia’s sustainability by the use of the green economy concept.

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EU FlagThis info-graph has been produced within the European Union Eiropeaid programme project „Prompting change in European attitudes towards the IMF’s development role and developing country debt management to help achieve the MDGs”. The project in Latvia is implemented by the Latvian Green Movement.

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This info-graph is co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia


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